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‘An Afternoon Remembering Hereward’

If you are an hour or so drive away and have a penchant for the mystery that surrounds Hereward and marvel in the magnificence of the cathedral at Ely, then this is the perfect Sunday drive-out adventure, themed on Hereward the folk hero of the Fens…

First, have your hiking boots handy and head out to Aldreth Causeway in the heart of the Fens. Set the Sat Nav to CB6 3PQ and at Aldreth Village Centre if you look carefully enough you will see a plaque commemorating Hereward, ‘his actions at Aldreth passed into legend’. For the causeway you walk further down the village a couple of hundred yards until the road ends and you see the signs for the Aldreth Causeway, keep going!

So then it is time to head to The Hereward on Market Street for Sunday lunch and drinks in time for our 3pm start where you can view an astonishing replica of the Bayeux Tapestry being embroidered by talented Seamstress Mia Hansson. Mia will tell you all about her journey so far including a Q&A session, having completed over 40 metres of the 69 metre length of the work of art that tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England, forming the backdrop to the Hereward story.

Historian David Maile is a leading authority on Hereward the Wake and will be hosting the afternoon arranged by the Wake Hereward Project, while analysing the Hereward legend against the backdrop of the Norman Conquest, and giving his own take on the Conqueror’s assault upon the Isle of Ely at the most cataclysmic time in English history. Here you can find answers to all your Hereward questions… David is joined by some rare talent for this event in MIa with her Bayeux Tapestry masterpiece and Rory G with his brilliant Hereward re-enacting and not least of all by the talented Musician Singer/Songwriter Gemma Parker who performs medieval folk songs on the Old English stringed instrument the Lyre under the name of The Dark Bardess.

Then you will experience the rousing acting talents of Rory G as Hereward the Wake, who gives a roaring monologue of ‘The Heroes Journey’ from Exile to Ely telling of how he was cast out by his own folk before going on to become ‘a famous knight among the more famous’ when working as a mercenary abroad, before returning to make his stand at Ely against the Conqueror and in defence of the Fen folk that had him exiled several years previously. In a second appearance there will be a demonstration of the weaponry Hereward used to fight against the Conqueror.

Music, Drama, Handcrafts, History and Heritage and an opportunity to visit the Aldreth Causeway and Ely Cathedral and having a great lunch in a pub named after the folk hero of the Fens! A fantastic early Spring Sunday beckons…

Come see us at The Hereward, 45 Market Street, Ely CB7 4LZ. Sunday 24th March from 3pm. Tables & Reservations: or Tel: 01353 772050 It is free entry but you will need to make a table reservation as it is likely to be busy. Keep Exploring! Adventure’s out there waiting…


Event details

Sunday 24 March 2024
The Hereward 45 Market Street, ELY CB7 4LT.

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